Mosser Lee Organic Horticultural Charcoal 2.48 L


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Mosser Lee Organic Horticultural Charcoal is made from fruit tree hardwoods to provide the best charcoal for you plants. Its excellent porosity allows absorption, retention and slow release of water and fertilizers, increasing the nutritional holding capacity of potting soils. Use to retain moisture in plant soil, beautify indoor and outdoor container plants, improve plant drainage and create water and fountain designs. Ideal for terrariums, dish gardens and various craft uses. Excellent for plants that require moist environments like orchids, ferns and African violets.

  • Brand Name: Mosser Lee
  • Sub Brand: Organic
  • Product Type: Horticultural Charcoal
  • Bag Weight: 2.48 L
  • Packaging Type: Bagged
  • Rock Size: Small

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