Opti-2 2-Cycle Smokeless Engine Oil 3.2 oz 1 pk

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Opti-2 is a specialized two-cycle, single mix ratio lubricant engineered for use in all two-cycle engines, regardless of brand, model or mix ratio. Opti-2 is rated ISO-EG-D++, the highest rating available in the stringent International Standards Organization global performance ratings system. Opti-2 meets and exceeds all equipment manufacturers rating requirements. Opti-2 delivers all these features while being the most environmentally friendly two-cycle mix oil available. Opti-2's smoke reduction and gasohol compatibility contribute to cleaner air, while up to 60 percent less oil is required, which helps conserve a precious non-renewable resource.

  • Brand Name: Opti-2
  • Engine Type: 2-Cycle
  • Oil Type: Smokeless
  • Product Type: Engine Oil
  • Container Size: 3.2 oz
  • Number in Package: 1 pk

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