Pennzoil Dexron III/Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 qt


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Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid has been renamed as Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF to highlight the applications covered. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of leading automotive transmission manufacturers, Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF is a high quality automatic transmission fluid that provides consistent, reliable and smooth operation of transmission systems. It features a high oxidation resistance and shear stability, as well as dependable anti-wear and gear protection to help extend the life of transmission components.

  • Brand Name: Pennzoil
  • Grade: Dexron III/Mercon
  • Product Type: Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Container Size: 1 qt
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Oil Composition: Mineral

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