Pennzoil Spirax 80W140 Heavy Duty Automotive Gear Oil 1 qt

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Gear lubricant multipurpose gl-5 all-season multi-grade gear plus sae 80w-140 size quart Manufactured from highly-refined base oils and performance additives. Chemical and thermal stability for protection against wear and shock loads in transmissions and axles. For gear protection and fuel economy. Exceeds requirements of gear and transmission manufacturers requiring API GL-5 or API MT-1 level lubricants including hypoid gears in passenger cars, light trucks and heavy-duty trucks. Suitable for truck and bus manual transmissions. Additives to prevent rust and corrosion, with antifoamants. Low- temp protection in pinion-drive bearing channel.

  • Brand Name: Pennzoil
  • Sub Brand: Spirax
  • Weight Rating: 80W140
  • Oil Type: Heavy Duty
  • Product Type: Automotive Gear Oil
  • Container Size: 1 qt
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Grease Lube Type: Synthetic
  • Usage: Friction Reduction

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