Perky-Pet 3.3 in. H X 16 in. W Hanging Baffle


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The Perky-Pet 16 in. transparent squirrel baffler can be hung or pole mounted. When hanging the baffler, it blocks squirrels from above. The included hooks have the strength to hold up to 50 lb. The top hook attaches the baffler to a tree limb or other hanging location, while the bird feeder hangs from the second hook located underneath the baffler. Most squirrels will descend the wire to the baffler and give up. A more persistent squirrel may put its weight on the baffler in efforts to access the bird feeder below, but after climbing onto the baffler, it will quickly tilt, sending the squirrel down to the ground (startled maybe, but uninjured). The hanging baffler has the added benefit of partially protecting bird seed from rain and tree debris.

  • Brand Name: Perky-Pet
  • Height: 3.3 in.
  • Width: 16 in.
  • Product Category: Bird Feeder Weather Guards and Baffles
  • Product Type: Hanging Baffle
  • Color: Clear
  • Packaging Type: Boxed

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