Pool Breeze Pool Care System Granule Calcium Hardness Increaser 9 lb


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Pool Breeze Calcium Hardness Increaser is used to raise the calcium hardness of swimming pool water. Low calcium hardness may cause the pool water to be corrosive, resulting in corrosion of pool surfaces and equipment. Plaster finished pools may be etched or stained if the calcium hardness of the pool water is not properly adjusted. The calcium hardness of chlorinated pool water should be maintained in the range of 200-500 ppm.

  • Brand Name: Pool Breeze
  • Sub Brand: Pool Care System
  • Product Form: Granule
  • Product Type: Calcium Hardness Increaser
  • Product Group: Specialty
  • Usage: Pool
  • Application: Balance
  • Container Size: 9 lb
  • Available Chlorine: Non-Chlorine
  • No
  • No

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