PUR 7 cups Blue Water Filtration Pitcher

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Enjoy better tasting water with the PUR PLUS 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher in White, which has been engineered for superior, 3-in-1 powerful water filtration to reduce over 20 chemical & physical substances that tend to cause bad taste and odor in your drinking water. Designed for hassle-free use, the PUR PLUS 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher has a stay-tight lid allowing you to filter water while pouring at the same time, a slim, space-saving design and is both BPA free and dishwasher safe. * * Did you also know that the PUR PLUS 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher can help save you up to $75 per month compared to bottle water while also keeping plastic bottle waste out of landfills? Each Genuine PUR PLUS pitcher filter is certified for up to 40 gallons, or 2-months of use. Proven to reduce 3x more chemical & physical substances than Brita's leading pitcher filter, PUR PLUS pitcher filters are also NSF certified to reduce microplastics that may be found in your tap or bottled water. * * Engineered for superiority, PUR believes that everyone deserves cleaner, better-tasting drinking water.

  • Brand Name: PUR
  • Capacity: 7 cups
  • Color: Blue
  • Product Type: Water Filtration Pitcher
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Filtration Method: Maxion
  • Filter Change Indicator: Yes
  • Filter Material: Activated Carbon

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