Raindrip Drip Irrigation Garden Kit


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The Raindrip Watering Kit for Vegetable Gardens makes it easy for any level gardener to set up a drip system. Get strong, vibrant gardens with easy-to-use components to water plants for optimal growth and overall health. The all-in-one kit includes 50 ft. of dripline (the first 15 ft. without drippers carries the water from faucet to plants); 1/2 GPH non-pressure compensating drippers spaced 12 in. apart & swivel adapter to connect to faucet; 10 galvanized steel stakes, & end plug to seal the end of the line. Forget hand watering with hose; save time and water with drip for a better way to water.

  • Brand Name: Raindrip
  • Kit Type: Drip Irrigation Garden
  • Product Type: Kit
  • Includes Fittings: Yes
  • Includes Filter: Yes
  • Coverage Area: 150 sq ft
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Includes Tubing: Yes
  • Includes Pressure Regulator: No
  • Flow Rate: 25 gph
  • Includes Tubing Stakes: No
  • Includes Timer: No

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