Red Brand 1320 ft. L 12.5 Ga. 2-point Galvanized Steel Barbed Wire


Sale price$284.15


Red Brand Barbed Wire is built to safely contain your animals and protect your property. All Red Brand Barbed Wire comes in a length of 1,320 feet. That's the equivalent of one-quarter mile or one side of a square 40-acre parcel. Consider how many lines of wire you prefer to have on your enclosure.

  • Brand Name: Red Brand
  • Wire Length: 1320 ft.
  • Gauge: 12.5 Ga.
  • Barb Size: 2-point
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Product Type: Barbed Wire
  • Rating: Heavy Duty
  • Distance between Barbs: 4 in.
  • Color: Red

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