Reynolds Aluminum Foil Wrap


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When Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil was introduced in 1947, it was advertised as the pure aluminum foil for 1,001 kitchen miracles. What made aluminum foil so useful back then is still true today, and Reynolds Wrap Wrappers Foil Sheets mean this statement is truer than ever. Reynolds Wrap Wrappers are pop-up foil sheets that are moisture-proof, odor-proof, grease-proof, and can be molded to any shape you like.In addition to withstanding high heat and extreme cold, Wrappers are perfect for keeping sandwiches and school lunches fresh. Aluminum foil sheets also offer an easy way to wrap and store leftovers, while ensuring that your food stays moist and tastes delicious.

  • Brand Name: Reynolds
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Product Type: Foil Wrap
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Box of 50 each pre-cut foil sheets
  • Great for food on the go, leftovers and so much more
  • It's easy, no cutting or tearing

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