Rutland Creosote Remover


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Creosote buildup is inevitable, but keeping it at bay is remarkably easy. A couple of scoops of Rutland Creosote Remover in your fire two times per week turns that sticky, tar-like creosote to ash and prevents further buildup from occurring. Creosote buildup can cause chimney fires if left untreated so keep your home safe and warm with the powerful and effective Rutland Creosote Remover. The use of creosote remover does not eliminate the need for regular chimney cleaning. Safe for use in all chimneys and wood-burning appliances.

  • Brand Name: Rutland
  • Product Type: Creosote Remover
  • Packaging Type: Tub
  • Container Size: 2 lb
  • Third-Party Selling is Prohibited

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