Sioux Chief Push Tite PVC Closet Flange Repair Kit


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Closet Flange Repair Kit 4 inch PVC. Includes push-in flange, wax ring, and bolts. While most closet flanges have a solvent weld joint, Sioux Chiefs PushTite uses a tough, engineered elastomer gasket to seal against the inside wall of a drain pipe. The clean, simple installation makes it perfect for repair or remodeling jobs. The installer need only push it in and fasten it to the floor. The PushTite works well with various piping materials ABS, PVC, cast iron, and even some copper and lead pipes. It has the largest outlet diameter of any comparable flange on the market and also has smooth inner walls with no obstructions or ledges to cause clogs. The extended outlet length of the PushTite helps it to seal against the inner wall of the drain pipe, even when additional flooring is added or the pipe is cut below the floor.

  • Brand Name: Sioux Chief
  • Sub Brand: Push Tite
  • Material: PVC
  • Product Type: Closet Flange Repair Kit
  • Width: N/A in.
  • Fitting Size: 4 inside in.
  • Packaging Type: Boxed
  • Compatible Pipe Material: Multi-purpose

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