Songbird Selections Wild Finch Feast Wild Bird Seed Wild Bird Food 5 lb


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Songbird Selections Wild Finch Feast is a premium wild bird food with Nyjer thistle and sunflower seeds to attract finches to your backyard. The blend contains 40% Nyjer thistle seed for energy and vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy reproductive system while having NO corn, milo or fillers. Other ingredients: millet, calcium carbonate, mineral oil, flaxseed oil, mixed tocopherols, vitamin A & E, riboflavin, D- calcium pantothenate, vitamin D-12, biotin and roughage products. Crude protein 18%, crude fat 27%, crude fiber 22%.

  • Brand Name: Songbird Selections
  • Sub Brand: Wild Finch Feast
  • Bird Type: Wild Bird
  • Primary Ingredient: Seed
  • Product Type: Wild Bird Food
  • Container Size: 5 lb
  • Other Ingredients: sunflower seeds nyjer thistle
  • Packaging Type: Bagged

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