STP Gasoline Complete Fuel System Cleaner 5.25 oz

STPSKU: 8306235

Sale price$30.11


Deep clean your entire fuel system with the exclusive formula in STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner. Advanced synthetic technology includes 2x the amount of cleaning agents versus the leading premium gasoline for efficient car care. A proprietary blend of PEA and PIBA detergents in this fuel additive removes harmful deposits and keeps your fuel intake system clean to save gas. This auto cleaner also helps inhibit corrosion and restore performance with jet fuel as the high-quality carrier of the active ingredients. Use this STP fuel system cleaner with every oil change or every 4,000 miles. This automotive cleaner is safe for any gasoline engine, including turbo, direct inject and hybrid engines.

  • Brand Name: STP
  • Engine Type: Gasoline
  • Product Type: Complete Fuel System Cleaner
  • Container Size: 5.25 oz
  • Amount of Fuel Treated: 21 gal
  • Packaging Type: Bottle

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