Tru Pickles Bread and Butter Pickles 16 oz Jar


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Years ago, in Old Europe and in this country, sugar was very scarce. For this reason, Bread & Butter pickles were a delicacy and saved for very special occasions. They were considered a great treat. Today we can enjoy Bread & Butter pickles any time we want and they are still a great treat. Did you ever notice that other Bread & Butter pickles have a very yellow tinted juice. This is because sugar turns a cucumber a bluish gray, so other companies add yellow turmeric and polysorbate to their pickles - yellow and blue makes green. But Great Grandma Skufca didnt have polysorbate or turmeric and she didnt need them. She knew that adding a grape leaf to her jar would keep the natural green color of the pickles, even with the added sugar - no need to dye them green again. It keeps them crisp and crunchy too. Thats why Tru Bread & Butter Pickles have a clear, clean look and you will love the taste. Tru Pickles brings back the 100 year old process for your enjoyment. Sometimes the old ways are still tre best ways.

  • Brand Name: Tru Pickles
  • Flavor: Bread and Butter
  • Product Type: Pickles
  • Package Size: 16 oz
  • Packaging Type: Jar
  • Number in Package: 1 pk

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