UltraVue 2 36 in. W X 100 ft. L Black Polyester Screen Cloth


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UltraVue 2 is designed to provide the best visibility of all window screen material; at times you may even forget that you have a screen. This mesh is sometimes called "invisible window screen" because its outward visibility when compared to standard window screen appears nearly invisible. This screen's openness also allows for optimal airflow. Its water shed technology reduces the window panning effect during rainy conditions and helps your window screens remain cleaner longer with its grime resistance. UltraVue 2 is best installed in window screens but can be installed in screen doors and porch panels.

  • Brand Name: UltraVue 2
  • Width: 36 in.
  • Length: 100 ft.
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Product Type: Screen Cloth
  • Wire Gauge: 0.01 Ga.

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