VP Racing Fuels Madditive Diesel Fuel Conditioner 16 oz


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Diesel All-In-One Fuel Conditioner is a fuel conditioning additive - Treat your diesel right. Get more out of your diesel engine with Diesel All-In-One Fuel Conditioner. All-In-One Fuel Conditioner cleans injectors and pumps, increases cetane, replaces lost lubrication, increases fuel mileage and reduces smoking. Protects petroleum based (ULSD) and biodiesel applications and disperses water.

  • Brand Name: VP Racing Fuels
  • Sub Brand: Madditive
  • Compatible Fuels: Diesel
  • Product Type: Fuel Conditioner
  • Container Size: 16 oz
  • Appearance: Yellow
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Flash Point: 134.6�F

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