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CRAN-SLAM MIX 7OZDurhams Cran-Slam Snack Mix 7 oz Bagged
BANANA CHIPS 8OZDurhams Dried Banana Chips 8 oz Bagged
FRUIT MIX 8OZDurhams Dried Fruit Snack Mix 8 oz Bagged
HONEYTOASTED CASHEWS 6OZDurhams Honey Toasted Cashews 6 oz Bagged
HONEY TOASTED PECAN5.5OZDurhams Honey Toasted Pecans 5.5 oz Bagged
HOT & SPICY PEANUTS 10OZDurhams Hot and Spicy Peanuts 10 oz Bagged
PRALINE FRST PECANS5.5OZDurhams Praline Frosted Pecans 5.5 oz Bagged
ROASTED SALTED CASHEW6OZDurhams Roasted & Salted Cashews 6 oz Bagged
PISTACHIOS 5.5OZDurhams Roasted & Salted Pistachios 5.5 oz Bagged
SESAME STICKS 10OZDurhams Sesame Snack Stick 10 oz Bagged
ZESTY CASHEWS 6OZDurhams Zesty Cashews 6 oz Bagged

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